Flattus was a popular funk band in Bloomington, Indiana between 1992-1997.
The band began in 1991 when Brent Courtney formed a band to perform at Pennsbury High School's talent show in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania during his senior year. His brother, Brian Courtney, soon joined the band on rhythm guitar. The band consisted of guitars, drums, and vocals at first, then blossomed into a full horn section with a female guest vocalist.
When the brothers came to Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana in 1992, Matt 'Floyd' McClellan (bass), Kevin Leahy (drums), and Dave Appelman (sax) joined them for some informal talent show concerts in the lobby of Read Hall dorm. In 1994, the re-established full horn and female vocalist version of the band performed their own concerts in Read and Collins Living Learning Center dorms which led to performances at Rhino's, Second Story, the Wild Beet, Live from Bloomington '95 & '96, Taste of Bloomington '96, Culture Shock '95 & '97, and CollinsFest '95 -'97 among other local venues and fraternity houses.
  • The band was named when the Bloomington music scene was featured on the cover of Billboard Magazine in 1996.
  • Conan O'Brien picked the band to be a finalist, then as runners-up, for his 1997 College Band Search Contest.
  • The band appeared on Live from Bloomington album in 1995 "Smooth Slim" and 1996 "Come".
  • Flattus had a reunion in April 1999 with one performance at The Waldron Arts Center for all ages and one performance at Second Story bar.
  • Perhaps the most significant contribution of FLATTUS is Mr.Cornelius Boots' song "In the Nutgrove".
    Why you ask? CHORUS (created in 1994) "One MIND out in between TWO WORLDS, you will know there are STRANGER THINGS, when the AIR becomes FILLED WITH clove, amuse yourself in the nutgrove."
The band independently produced 4 singles and one album on Compact Disc, Amuse Yourself in 1997.
"Amuse Yourself" OUR ONLY ALBUM came out in 1997.
You can download or stream the both albums at BandCamp

Flattus press clipping 1996